12 motions just to get the office

img_27501. Do I have to move? Bed is so comfy and warm! I feel cosy and safe wrapped in my duvet.

2. 10 minutes to get ready. Near impossible. Hair, clothes and face on the train, got it.

3. Phew! Just made the train. Why do I do this to myself every single morning?

4. Get out of my way! That. Seat. Is. Mine! Yes! Got it. (Sorry other people). Wait is that woman pregnant? Please have my seat.

5. Why is everyone insistent on watching me put my make up on? Look around there are plenty of other people doing it too.

6. I need to sneeze… What was that horrible spray lotion or whatever that has tickled my nose so ferociously?!

7. Time to face the underground, at rush hour. Oh gates to the underground are closed, join the masses and watch as people take pictures of the busy crowd. Yep, this is most mornings at London Victoria.

8. Through the gate and onto the platform. Mind where you’re going I’ve got precious tea in this cup. Note to self, protect at all costs.

9. I lost my tea. Get a new one at work. Life.

10. *going up the escalators and getting to the barrier* realising you’re totally unprepared…

11. Where’s my Oyster card? *rummages through handbag furiously* …… Oh wait. It’s in my pocket. You’ve held everyone up at the gates, my bad.

12. Sit at desk and calm myself with a new cup of tea and then realise you’re meant to be in a meeting. Shucks, can I start the day again?