Pukka Womenkind tea review

Hi everyone! I wasn’t intending on buying more tea but it just sort of happened. Can’t even remember how or why I ended up down the tea aisle of the supermarket, there was nothing I needed. Nevermind. I have to hand it to Pukka it was the pink floral packaging that allowed this tea to venture its way into my basket. Pukka are my preferred brand for a mint tea, so I thought that I would leave my comfort zone. I chose Womenkind.

A delicate dance of organic cranberry, rose and sweet vanilla.

I chose this tea for three reasons; I like cranberry, sweet vanilla and the packaging. To test this tea I thought I would get out my teapot (for one). I let the teabag brew for three minutes, later noticing the recommendation of 5 minutes (oops). It’s definitely got a rose smell, and the vanilla comes through too. The cranberry doesn’t come through so much in the smell, on to the taste. 

Womenkind is light and refreshing in general. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t taste the cranberry more, but that was clearly my expectation. The tea was more rose and vanilla in taste, initially not something I thought I would like. I’m now say writing this post with my second cup. I would recommend this tea but only if you like rose flavour; I’m initially not a big fan so that’s why it’s not an instant love in a mug type of tea.  IMG_3889IMG_3896