Nothing like a butter mint sensation 

Hi everyone. I was purchasing a few extra bits for dinner last night when I came across this intriguing tea by Twinnings; Intensely Buttermint.

As soon as I opened the box I was blasted with memories from my childhood, my grandad used to give me mints in the car journey to help from feeling travel sick. The favourites were Polos and the mint selections bags, which of course include butter mints. I poured the water on to the teabag and wondered whether the taste would be sweet, like well the sweets.  I took a sip not remembering what flavour it was and it gave me a tingle on my tongue.

Peppermint leaf and creamy vanilla flavour.

This is definitely one of my current favourites to have at home, just wish I had some cake to go with it. Intensely Buttermint is love in a mug. Thank you Twinnings.