Having a Graze one afternoon

I’ve been on the quest to try different teas, and today was no exception. Today it was time to Graze with tea, specifically their Afternoon Infusion.

IMG_4069I didn’t quite know what to expect with this tea in terms of flavour as the blend included Assam, not a tea leaf I have tried before; nevertheless on with the kettle! I made it like I would a normal cup of tea with a splash of milk (optional) and carried on about my afternoon. It wasn’t until I tasted the tea that I remembered it wasn’t normal tea, in fact I think this improved the flavour. This might sound like psychological nonsense (which wouldn’t be a lie it probably is but…) the fact I was pleasantly surprise and reminded that I wasn’t drinking traditional tea meant that I admired and appreciated the tea for what it was.


It was a delicious malty blend with a fragrant bergamont finding it’s way into the mix. For me it was a combination of Traditional English meeting Earl Grey; pleasant, understated but impactful. I’m not sure it was love in a mug at first but I have a whole box to decide whether it is a brew that I would do again. Still, if you have been thinking about a graze tea afternoon infusion box I would recommend giving a one-off box a go.