Tea for 2, or in this case 3

I have walked past this shop many times over the last two and half weeks, I’ve finally caved and decided to go in to the new Regent Street T2 store. Where do I start? Oh wow, it was amazing I didn’t know where to start… I thought it would be best to keep it simple and find one with a smell that I found interesting and buy it. It wasn’t simple, there were so many intriguing names and smells I didn’t know where to start end or even which to purchase. I am sure that this will not be my last T2 visit or even review. Here it is, the chosen one; Red Choc Mint.


This tea is a combination of rooibos, cocoa shells and peppermint flavours to create a tea so divine I could have drunk it all afternoon. Perfect for a pot for one on it’s own or with a cake and just as good for say… three of you. I took this tea to home to share with my family and we made a pot full to accompany some Cherry Bakewells and Almond Slices (yummy). The sweetness of the tea is not overpowering thanks to the rooibos, which balances the chocolatey undertone with the tingling peppermint that lingers delightfully in your mouth. When left in the pot for a bit there is no bitterness, this tea is a perfect addition to my cupboard and a splendid way to introduce me to T2. This tea is a pure pleasure to drink and no doubt I’ll be brewing up again soon!