Grumpy Mole in Brockham, Surrey

Birthdays are a perfect excuse for afternoon tea and my Nan’s was no excuse. We headed to one of our favourite spots, The Grumpy Mole in Brockham, Surrey.

Normally at afternoon tea I would try a different blend, but this particular weekend I wasn’t feeling it so I went with Traditional English – as did most of my family, which was so predictable! The sandwiches are light and fluffy, surprisingly I quite liked the beef and horseradish (fyi, I don’t like horseradish) but of course I would always choose the seafood cocktail as my first choice.The one thing I love most about The Grumpy Mole is that you have the option to have tea cakes with the afternoon tea.  As much as love scones, I prefer tea cakes as they are lighter and not as stogey. Please don’t shoot me! *hides under scone, I mean rock* If you are looking for a lovely place to go in Surrey Hills area then I would recommend The Grumpy Mole hands down.


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