Having a cracking sunday adventure

Hi there – no the title of this post is not a pun. I went to Lakeside with my best friend Leighanne about a week ago and I decide to share our fun with you. The reason for the title is simple, Leighanne is a new blogger so skip on over to check out her blog, Crackers Adventures (get it now don’t you!)

We were aiming to get there for opening (which is 11am on a Sunday) but unless teleporting had been invented we weren’t going to – never mind. Nonetheless we went with goals in mind, Leighanne’s was ankle boots and mine was a few new dresses for work and some socks. If I was lucky some new boots too – but although I found one’s I liked they were never in my size… First stop on arrival was food, after all it was 12pm and basically lunchtime so I introduced Leighanne to Pret a Manger – now hang on it wasn’t like she’d never been there before just never tried the food (missing out!).

I went for the Tomato Soup and a Slim Chicken Salad sandwich with some of their amazing apple juice (seriously try it, just wished it came in big bottles!). Whilst Leighanne went for a Cheese and Ham toastie, crisps and a mango smoothie.


Success with the dresses and boots for Leighanne – hoorah! – and overall a fantastic shopping trip with browsing, trying on, giggles and gossip. Oh and let’s not forget these amazing sparkly shoes (if only I had something come up to wear them too!).


But to end the day I introduced Leighanne to one of my favourite chain restaurant’s Wagamama’s. After depicting the menu to find something to eat (I had Chicken Ramen, which was delicious as always) and drink (with Green Tea I’m not predictable at all!) we dived in. Result: she would go back again – score!



After some dodgy lane hopping from a few other cars on the road, Crackers dropped me off home – time to put the kettle on and put my feet up!