Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Covent Garden

As a tea blogger and lover of the afternoon tea activity the list of places is to go is forever growing but I hope that with this blog I can help you to decide on where to go. I went to the Waldorf Hilton Hotel near Covent Garden, London back in July (yep, this is a little overdue) for my friend Chloe’s birthday, so naturally we went for champagne.


The sandwiches were light fluffy and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the ham and mustard on Onion bread, there was enough for one of each sandwich – which was perfect when you think about the delights to follow. The china was a simple elegant white with a gold pattern trimming, which fitted perfectly with the décor and feel of the room. The tea came with the cakes, which I personally found disappointing I like to have my tea as early as possible (but details). I went for the Redbush Caramel Velvet tea; a rich and creamy caramel flavour infused together with redbush, and naturally caffeine free so perfect for a later afternoon tea. I know that at one point I added some leaves to my menu as I forgot to use the strainer (how silly of me!).




Next up came the cakes and Chloe was fast to make an agreement with me, chocolate cake for both french macarons, the girls knows me too well – and how can I say no to the chocolate-loving birthday girl?



I would keep your eye out for some deals as I wouldn’t say it was worth it’s full price. Overall, this is a pleasant afternoon tea and a good one to go to in London (and near Covent Garden so save time to get some shopping and street acts in!)