Cherry of the Afterlife Halloween Brew

I’m not normally one for halloween; when I was younger I didn’t like sweets (not because I wasn’t allowed them, I just didn’t like them – yes I was a strange child!) so this meant trick-treating did not appeal to me at all. Then when I went to uni I found it a little more inspiring with the option to go out dressed as a devil or a cat well, just because. But now I’m in a full time job, settling into my home and getting into the swing of adult life. Except for one thing, I can’t bake. It’s not like I haven’t tried but burnt baked goodies just don’t taste right…

But when I went into T2 on Oxford Street recently I left inspired by their Apple of the Afterlife Tea for a homemade halloween tea, next stop was to find ideas to tackle the curse of being a bad baker. Armed with my tea, I scoured the internet for recipes that looked fun, halloween themed and achievable. Hey, presto! This was the result:


Okay… I admit it I did have some help from the much better baker, Leighanne (aka. Crackers Adventures) but the result was amazing and very tasty! On this post I’m going to tell you how can create your own T2 Cherry of the Afterlife Halloween Brew but I will also list all of the recipes at the end to all the tasty treats that you can see above and then you can share photos if you recreate any of these recipes.


T2 Cherry (or Apple) of the Afterlife
Originally this majestic brew is made with Turkish Apple, but I wondered what it would be like with more of a bloody twist so tried with the Turkish Cherry, it was just as good!

Ingredients (for 1 cup):
2 parts Toasty Nougat
1 part Vanilla Slice
1 part Turkish Apple or Cherry

If you are making this brew for a number of people or in a pot, multiply each ingredient.. trust me it’s important I did this and it was a little tame. I’ve done it again doubled and wow that’s some punchy flavour.

It’s quite simply scooping the ratio into your choice of tea making device (in my case a teapot), add water and serve. Here’s to your spooky brew!


Here’s the links to the other recipes to create your own ghoulish afternoon tea:
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