Remember them, this November

As you get you out of bed
And get ready for the day ahead
Have a shower, get dressed
Sort your face and the mess
That is the morning hair.

You stop to like, comment and share
As part of your daily routine
Pour the much needed caffeine
Into your favourite travel cup
Lipstick addition to the make up
And you are ready to leave.

But you realise the time
As the clock begins to chime
So you dash for the train
Not wanting to be late again.

There’s a man at the station
Selling poppies for the nation
For Remembrance Day, this November
But that’s when you remember
At home on the side
Sat with warmth and pride
Is your coffee
And your poppy.

So you buy a new coffee
But most importantly, a new poppy
To show you remember
This November
Those who have fallen.

– Michelle A (2015)