Afternoon tea at Park Tower, Knightsbridge 

I might have worked in London for just over two years now but it’s only about the last few months of really begin to discover more than my pocket near Oxford Circus. Despite falling out with a not so helpful Google Maps, I found the Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Before I start this post let me tell you that overall this is definitely up there in my top five afternoon tea destinations in London!



As always one of the best excuses for afternoon tea is a birthday – or in this case two… It was mine and Binny’s (of Binny’s Kitchen) birthday and we were joined by the lovely Sandra from Cake and Whisky. Tea and cake lovers, we couldn’t really go wrong! Park Tower Hotel appears to be a Brutalist tower, but inside it offers a modern autumn inspired afternoon tea under canopy of hand painted magnolia trees, meant to resemble those in the close by Hyde Park. For an autumn birthday girl this is very exciting to see how it was interpreted – and what a room The Knightsbridge Lounge is!


We started with a little taster of a wild mushrooms and porcini quiche – absolute divine and a fantastic way to start!



This was followed by our sandwiches. My favourite was between the smoked salmon and beetroot with nori all the classic egg mayonnaise and mustard cress but with a twist, served in a mini brioche bun. Absolutely stunning.


I thought I would choose a different type of tea with Whole Rose Buds; despite my all-time afternoon tea favourite White Silver Tips (also known as Silver Needle) being on the list. The afternoon tea was served on the screen mats which made it feel like a picnic in the park – but more suitable for the great British weather. I loved this touch, it really added to the atmosphere.

Next in the picnic came the main event, the cakes and pastries. And what a selection they had, I’m just going to talk about my favourites. Firstly the Granny Smith and Blackberry shot with vanilla pannacota. Wow! I love apple flavours, especially in the autumn, so this was amazing by far one of the most exquisite items I’ve ever tasted in an afternoon tea.

Secondly, our own little Hyde Park edible firework display made from marshmallow, Turkish delight and nougat. One of the most creative twist for an afternoon tea I’ve seen. I unsually not going to discuss the scones in this post as I didn’t feel that they was the stars of the show – but he was attempting picture to whet your appetite even further.


Afternoon tea at the Park Tower, Knightsbridge was stunning but the setting and taste and is highly recommended by yours truly. Catch the autumn menu soon before the festivities inspire for more delightful treats!