Lotus Indian Restaurant Review 

So I have a confession. I’m not the greatest lover of Indian food. In fact, I think I’ve only been out for an Indian once before. But I’m trying to start my New Year resolution early (I know I’m mad but hear me out, okay?) try new things. Sounds simple but it’s about pushing me out of comfort zone. So when Sandra of Cake + Whisky asked myself and Binny’s Kitchen if we would like to join her to this restaurant near  Leicester Square it was a perfect opportunity to put this early resolution in motion.

And oh my! It by far exceeded my expectations and went beyond. The food was divine. The restaurant in question: Lotus, a traditional Indian gourmet fine dining experience. Chef Bhaskar Banerjee has swept me off my feet with the fabulously exquisite dishes on offer. Where to begin?

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From Lentil spiced broth to some delightful and playful ‘shots’ with a piquant sauce poured into a crisped ball with corn and spices inside which you took like a shot. A different exciting way to start a meal but so ingenious too!


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The food was amazing from beetroot to pigeon to start, to lobster and quails egg for main. I was in a new kind of heaven, one with amazing refined food.

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Now I confessed earlier for not being the greatest lover of Indian food, but clearly I have been going to the wrong places! This by far the finest Indian Restaurant I have been too. I wouldn’t say I’m converted but I definitely enjoyed my meal and the fantastic range of flavours in the food and would highly recommend you go to Lotus.