Start your day with TrooGranola

This week is #BreakfastWeek, championing the importance of breakfast so I have sneaked in a couple extra posts this week focusing on some great options.

So it’s Monday again and you’re back to work after the weekend. Porridge pots, breakfast bars there are so many options in the supermarket but getting a breakfast that could delivered to your door, or even your workplace – well that’s something new.

I have a love/hate relationship with breakfast, mostly hate and effort but with a few core recipes under my belt, I think I might (just might) be turning a corner. So without further ado let me introduce you to TrooGranola, a breakfast subscription helping me fall in love with the most important meal of the day. The concept echoes those such as ‘HelloFresh’ or ‘Graze’ but this one is for breakfast! IMG_5967TrooGranola want their customers to enjoy every mouthful and I definitely did. So much so I had a second bowl for brunch (oops, #notevensorry). I was sent the Superseed TrooGranola to try and the Feeling Fruity is also on my list but packed with flavour this breakfast is delicious and filling – a perfect way to start your day (especially on a Monday). Just £6.99 a week gets you a granola of your choice or there is the Surprise Me option; once I decide whether I want it delivered to home or work then I will be signing up for sure, watch out Instagram… IMG_5968I loved chatting to foodie and entrepreneur Helenor Rogers about the granola, it seemed we were both as excited about this product! As soon as I opened my packet for my Sunday breakfast I was hit by this fantastic smell – which is still with me, even though the rest is packed away. The taste matched the expectation, mouth watering, full of lightly spiced oats with a mix of nuts and seeds. The blueberries and the pumpkin seeds were a surprising but welcoming mix. I had my bowl with semi-skimmed milk but I can imagine this going superbly with unsweetened almond milk. The balance of flavours is pure perfection and with the perfect crunch in every bite, I would highly recommend letting TrooGranola have a chance in your breakfast bowl.

IMG_5966 Can’t wait for breakfast again tomorrow, especially if this is an option, why not make it yours too? (Go on, you know you want to!)