Monthly Favourites: January 2016

This is always one of my favourite posts to read or watch on YouTube and this year sees the addition of the well loved series to my blog – I hope you love what I’ve been loving this month! What’s more each month I will be naming my favourite tea of the month!

It’s been a hard start to the year for me by doing no spend January, which basically means you don’t spend money unecessarily. For example, NO SHOPPING (that was the biggest killer for me) so this month saw me falling in love with some classics in my life, whilst also featuring some new things. But this just gave me an excuse to have a love affair with one of my favourite things, food – and all the challenges, excursions and new things to try that come with it.

I hate breakfast. Or maybe that should be I used to hate breakfast before I discovered my super simple breakfast bites recipe (seriously, try it – there are only 3 ingredients). And there was TrooGranola, pure heaven in a bowl. I won’t say too much more here as I’ve written a whole review on the Superseed Granola.


Weekend Dinner Challenges
My boyfriend and I have been trying to eat a little healthier and each weekend we are trying new recipes, or adapting them and so far we’ve had success! I haven’t blogged them yet because they still need a little perfection but I’m working on it, promise!

Specifically, I want to try cooking with tea more. Yes, with tea. I trialled this Lemongrass and Ginger Beef Soup last year (also perfect for the Chinese New Year) and it is still a firm favourite in the house whilst also being super easy to make! Watch this space readers, there will be more.


Current favourite blogger
Now this one is hard as I’ve come across some amazing ones recently but at the moment I am obsessed with Not Often Blonde, who blogs about a whole host of things (as well as being a tea lover!). It was the post Power Women that stole her this spot *insert emoji heart face*

Adventures with Binny and Sandra
Now I met Binny (Binny’s Kitchen) and Sandra (Cake + Whisky) at an afternoon tea event in July last year so it was a given that we would immediately bond over our love for food. Recently we seem to be settling into a routine of going out for dinner every couple of weeks (sooo not complaining). So far we’ve hit Piquet (read my review here), near Tottenham Court Road and Binny and I also went to Vapiano‘s after an event. Can’t week for next month’s adventures, the list is growing constantly – although I hope one of those girls has been keeping a list because I haven’t…




Favourite Beauty product
My Burt’s Bees lip balm with Mango Butter that one of friends got me for Christmas. It’s by far the best lip balm I’ve used in a long time that doesn’t leave my lips sticky or still dry. Instead they feel moisturised and healthy, perfect handbag item for the unpredictable British weather! I have a Pomegranate Oil one which I want to give away to you guys so watch out on Twitter for that one!


Favourite Fashion item
My hat. Now the wind has not been in my favour for this item and there have been countless times I have nearly lost the damn thing but I love it. It’s from Primark in a tan brown colour and cost just £8. I’ve seen others around too but this definitely suits me best. Definitely hoping to get that into an outfit post soon!


Favourite Tea
Now this has been a tricky one this month as I am still trying to finish off some of my Christmas tea but it would have to be Mad Hatter Tea – well I did nearly polish off a whole gift set in a month!