Valentine’s Day 2016

So it’s the day of love, Valentine’s Day 2016. This year me and the boyfriend decided we weren’t going to fight everyone else for a table at a nice restaurant, instead we opted for a day of spending time together and our shared love of food (and on Saturday because Sunday has other commitments like family and blog photo shoots). We were going to have a nice meal sat at the table and get dressed up but to be honest we both just wanted home comfort and so opted for a film and the sofa – bonus of that is you can cuddle straight away afterwards!

Afternoon tea – Homemade scones!


img_6247Okay so timing fail from the not a cook/baker alert! I totally got the timings all mucked up with getting the meringue in for the pudding and the scones for afternoon tea, which meant they didn’t rise properly BUT they still tasted amazing – all was good. For the first attempt ever at making scones, I was happy.

Dinner, Main Course – Spaghetti Bolognaiseimg_6249

When we looking at ideas of what to cook we had settled on a pie. I woke up in the morning and decided I didn’t want pie. I wanted spag bol but with a twist. So I made my actual proper thick tomato sauce which takes 2 hours to do properly (let me know if you want my recipe!) but was inspired by Sainsbury’s #littletwists campaign. Now they suggest coffee but I just couldn’t wrap my head around that one so we opted for chilli and chocolate (yes both). It actually wasn’t too bad, I think I would probably ditch the chocolate or change what type I used (we agreed with this) but overall it was delicious!  Yep, that’s one thing I cook pretty well, a good hearty spaghetti bolognaise.

Dinner, Pudding – Eton Messimg_6253

This was the highlight of the meal from amazing homemade meringue to the giggles of the blueberry waterfall. We followed this easy recipe on Great British Chefs by Matthew Tomkinson but as it was for 6 we added the raspberries to the mix rather than as a garnish. It tasted pretty damn good. (I’m thinking of doing it again next week when the family comes over for dinner, or chocolate brownies… help?)img_6260-3

As I just finish typing this the boyfriend comes upstairs with a cup of tea (Mad Hatter’s) and a scone. A perfect way to end this post. x