The White Bear, Ruislip

If you haven’t heard of the White Brasserie Co. you should; imagine a traditional pub and a French brasserie with an English twist. And that’s exactly how I would describe The White Bear in Ruislip.

Having grown up in this area, I have always heard of the White Bear pub but not how it is today – and to be honest, the recent upgrade is worth it. The interior reflects the area well and the refurbishment is beautiful. But that’s not going to be the main talking point for me, as the food (and when we get to it, the soufflé) was impeccable. Some of the best pub food I’ve had in a long time.


Image from The White Bear

Now this might be part of a chain but it doesn’t feel like it, it feels unique and suited to its punters. The divide is just subtle enough to feel the difference between the pub and the restaurant whilst also getting the buzz atmosphere. For starters, I had the scallops and on high recommendation my partner had the cheese soufflé (wait for it, this is not the soufflé).


For mains, I went for something different and got a Sirloin steak with Dauphinoise potato and Bearnaise sauce. Now I am not easy to cook steak for. At all. But this was just right, so compliments to the chef on getting in medium/well-done but closer to medium (told you, not easy). For me the dauphinoise potato could have been better, I don’t know what it was it just wasn’t the best I’ve had – having said that it was still yummy and delicious.


Finally, the pudding. Yes we are talking about the soufflé. You know, the one that sealed the deal on me wanting to share my review on this place here on my blog. It was a divine caramel soufflé with rum & raisin ice cream. There were so many things to love about this from the minimal amount of ice cream (don’t knock me just because I’m not the biggest ice cream fan) but just enough to compliment the texture and taste of the soufflé. To the almost spot-on, perfect melting texture, with a barely cooked and soft, creamy center of caramel. My mouth is watering remembering it as I write this…


I know for those of you who live in London, Ruislip is a little out of the way but trust me it is worth the central trip to West Ruislip followed by the 7 minute walk (if you go by Google Maps) or a quick taxi drive if you want to go somewhere different. Or if you live in/near Ruislip and have been unsure then I do definitely recommend going and save room for the soufflé – it was the heart of this meal for me.