All the brights

I have three weddings this year, three! Man that’s potentially three different outfits on a budget across three seasons. Challenge accepted. This is where having wardrobe staples and a frugal mindset can really come in handy. But don’t worry over the year I will be sharing my wisdom and outfit cravings to help you fulfil your wedding guest outfit dreams but first off, shoes.

I decided to invest in a pair of heels and let’s face it I was always going to be buying them on a budget because well, that’s just how I roll. These are beautiful, stunning and a year long all rounder. Thank you Clarks for this stunning design of shoe, a classic court in a multitude of colours for just £40. That’s £13.33 per wedding, not to mention the extra wears I know they are going to get in between!


I know what you are thinking, why pink? Why not nude or silver or something that will go with absolutely everything? I was inspired by a colleagues bright shoes, literally from pink to orange to blue – they work seriously no matter what she’s wearing it works! Brights can brighten up a winters day, make the spring feel like summer and well, why not? I tried on multiple colour options and did find myself going back to the brights more than the safe bets so it was settled.

Did you know that I was actually looking for pointed toes? Yep, these are definitely not that. Every pink pair that I found with pointed toes were stunning but too high for me (can’t walk in anything over 2/3 inches and you don’t want to be looking at idiot at a wedding! People, comfort is important). I found these and with much convincing and trying on in the shop about a hundred million times I brought them. Now in addition to weddings they are planned in for a garden party and even potentially a couple of other events I’ve got this year. So worth the patience and flirting romance… x