Tea in the office

I’m known in the office for my love of tea, from the weird and wonderful flavours to the gadgets and gizmos; this post is no exception! Phom tea inspired me to join their loose leaf tea mission so I’m constantly looking for ways to drink loose leaf in the office without making a right mess. I’ve tried the mesh balls, the T2 maker; which always gets lots of attention on the trips down to the kettle (attention seeker much!) But then came along the Kinto Uni-mug.
This little cutie is super simple to use whilst also making the perfect cup of tea for one. The uni-mug is easy to empty and wash out, doesn’t create much mess and looks awesome on your desk. But, once you take the infused out where on earth do you put it? I have a little bowl that I have to keep close by when using this, which can be annoying. The product is glass and prone to knocking, awkward. Despite this I still rate this product, it takes awesomely good photos (which if you do in the office you might get some strange looks…) and I love to use this little guy when in need of a relaxing break there is just something about it that makes me feel calmer.

       And no I didn’t choose the Phom Lemon Gunpowder Green Tea for photos because it matched in colour. Nope, not at all (in denial, obviously…) More colours are available.

 This next item is a loose-leaf tea revolution to me and I love it! Enter the Kinto Loop Tea Strainer. Okay, so it’s a little shy and not as photogenic as the uni-mug but it is super practical and a must have desk accessory. I’ve also used this at home for the odd cup of loose leaf tea and it’s changing my live. Easy to clean, easy to use, practical and my favourite tea accessory discovered to date. Plus, look at the fabulously adorable stand you can keep it in once the tea is brewed! I could say more about it but I seriously think you should click here and get one for yourselves whilst I go and order another one to have at home myself…