Styling for the UK Blog Awards – Long dresses

With just over a month to go before the UK Blog Awards the decision making has begun. Hair, makeup, shoes, clutch you name it your outfit can be simple and stunning. I have been browsing for THE perfect dress but the truth is I loved so many of them I decide to do a mini series over the next few weeks with my best picks, starting with my twitter poll winner – the Long Dress. Oh and if you are on a budget then this is perfect – all dresses are under £100!

Firstly, think about what suits your body shape. I’m short so buying long dresses is always tricky for me – thank goodness for petite ranges! Wear what you are comfortable in, this is a big night for the blogging industry and not only do you want to look your best you want to enjoy the evening too! I love this dress by Maya for the simplicity and elegance. Sometimes less is more and that dress is certainly that! The higher end of the budget at £95 but a justification if you can think of multiple times to wear it – summer holiday, wedding or thinking even further ahead… Christmas?

When I was deciding what look I wanted to be searching for I went through everything super sparkly, simple and elegant, lace and even the colours but sometimes when you are browsing through you just see a dress and know. Check out this gorgeous navy and white number from Michelle Keegan for Lipsy! Absolutely stunning – and only £80. I very nearly ended up with this dress (and still a huge contender) but it’s long. I am 5 3″ and this dress was very long, I definitely would need it taken up but it looked and felt comfortable, stunning and effortless in one fail swoop!

Monochrome, monochrome, you’ve got to love the wonderful monochrome. This beauty from Missguided would have people turning their heads. Teamed with a statement clutch and bright lip – oh dreamy. I personally don’t feel like I can pull off block monochrome like this but on the right person it would look stunning (nope, there is no jealousy at all.)


Backless dress monochrome Image from Missguided.

Scarlet fever! Wow. A red dress always makes my jaw drop. I don’t know why but I love smouldering feeling a red dress gives me (yes, even when I’m wearing one). Some people don’t know how to style a red dress – keep it simple with nudes, let the red run the show, a black or a nude is always a good option. I often wonder whether red nails and lips is too much and to be honest I think it depends on the dress. The one I’ve picked below would be better suited to a lip but one like >this one< would be hugely complimented by both.

High neck maxi dress in red Image from Missguided

High neck maxi dress in red Image from Missguided.

Don’t forget those sales for a bargain or two! I seem to have gone off browsing in the shops during sales (might be the jumble sale effect) but check out this bargain I found from Miss Selfridge! Only £20, I reckon you could do the whole outfit in £100 with that dress! A mesh maxi and a budget opportunity all in one dress!


Mesh Plisse Maxi Dress Image from Miss Selfridges.

Other long dress options:

Don’t forget there are some great purchases out there you might have to be willing to hunt! I hope this gives you a starting point, but also there are no rules in needing a new dress. You could recycle! If Kate Middleton can, why can’t you?

Bye for now x