Monthly Favourites: March 2016

Where on earth has March gone? It’s just upped and left without a word. March was a strange month for me, a frugal one but also a fun one with lots of new things I’ve been trying including…

I started a YouTube channel, with actual videos on it and oh my god I love it! Over the Easter weekend I managed to film a chunk of videos, including my monthly favourites for March. Seriously though once you get talking you can’t stop! It’s over >here< if you want to check it out…

Clarks Pink heeled courts
These are so comfy and easy to wear! I wore them at a wedding last week and my feet didn’t hurt a single bit (apart from when I whacked into the bed…A* for clumsiness!) Right now they need some love and attention following a beer spillage – I don’t know what was worse sticky legs or squelchy shoes – if you have any tips on how to treat suede then do comment and let me know (otherwise, you know.. there’s also my good friend Google!)


GHD Root Lift Spray
I love this stuff, a fabulous addition to my hair car routine. It came in the goody bag of the Glamour Beauty Festival and I love how light it feels on my hair. I used to a Lee Stafford only girl for Root Lift products but this has opened my eyes to all the possibilities out there. But for now this is the favourite product!

 OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner
The coconut milk shampoo and conditioner were recommended for thick hair – come to me! My hair gets so thick and heavy it can become unbearable. This stuff was stunning, my hair feels light yet voluptuous and smells gorgeous too – although just randomly smelling your hair on the train is not advised, you might get some strange looks (speaking from experience)… Also, if you like Piña Coladas then this is the perfect product for you! I really want to try the Argan Oil products now! Highly recommended.

 Lancôme Bi-Facial Cleanser
I have a confession. I am RUBBISH at skin care. Like seriously, I have a serious battle with myself to make sure I do it because I hate my skin when I don’t. This new product is helping with that. Perfect for getting rid of makeup and impurities. Now this is more expensive than some of the products I usually go for but for £21.50 its an excellent product for the price.

 Solaris Organic Green Tea Chai
Heaven in a mug. No seriously, I am not kidding! If you are a tea lover like me, you should definitely try this tea. I was kindly sent this by Solaris and they asked what did I like – I wanted something new and surprising, that was exactly what I got and more. I’m normally a fan of Chai or Green Tea this might (just might) be converting me…

DW Patchouli Tabac Candle
This was a pre-Christmas purchase but it has been worth the wait. This smoky yet refreshing candle denotes a perfect scent for the home. My boyfriend is not really a fan of floral candles but some of the scents he picks are just not my cup of tea, this is a perfect compromise. I got mine from Tkmaxx so if you are in there, check out this range – I will be going back for a new one!

  Glamour Magazine
Now I’ve actually been a magazine fan in general at the moment. A perfect place for style inspiration – but Glamour fits perfectly in my handbag and is easy to dip in and out of on my commute when I’m not writing blog post drafts and ideas!

Bye for now x