Styling monochrome

There is one thing about living in Britain – the weather is so unpredictable! Dressing for all four seasons in the morning can be a challenge, but that’s the beauty of monochrome it can work for any weather! Here we have a dress from, a simple shift style dress and it is perfect for the unpredictability of the skies.

   Note, if you are thinking about buying it go up a size, I went for a 10 and it was short (you know not too short you show your bum) and a spot on fit for me (I vary between a 10 and 8). When I was styling this piece I wanted to keep it simple cardigan with my favourite knee high boots from Marks and Spencers (old, but similar here).

But whilst this is a great combination for the slightly chilly day, why not mix it up with ankle boots and a pink cardigan for a pop of colour. A perfect way to dressing for the office without continuously worrying about the change of wardrobe midway through the day. I mean monochrome goes with any colour but personally I love it with pink.

There is something about this monochrome dress that makes me feel slightly rock and roll, so I’m thinking swap the cardigan for a leather jacket and swapped the boots for some kick arse heels for a chic biker look perfect for an afternoon tea or night at the theatre – you’re welcome! 🙂

Disclaimer: I was gifted this dress by but photos and outfit style all my own.