8 things to do on a bank holiday

Um excuse me, where did May go? Whilst I realise that it’s time for another monthly favourites it’s also time for another bank holiday. It’s the one great thing of May, two bank holidays. Two extra days off in the month of May. I like May. But the main question is, what are you going to do with this extra day?

1. Adult Colouring Books are still really trendy at the moment, you could pick one up from Tesco or order one off Amazon. One of my favourite books is Arabian Designs by Pepin and comes in A3 and postcard size, that’s where you can find these two gorgeous patterns (which obviously I’ve made prettier with colour). You can loose hours on the sofa, catching up with your TV with the roast in the oven.

2. Cook a roast. Sounds simple enough, but why not invite the family over or catch up with your loved ones and devour a good old roast – who said they were only for Sunday’s?

3. Spiralling on from on number two, and God forbid the English weather lets you, why not have a BBQ instead of a roast?

4. Go for Afternoon Tea. One of my favourite past times to do, you could go with the girls, friends family or your partner. What’s even more special is the amount of options of places you could visit (my list seems to be growing not shrinking). It dawned on me the other day I have yet to go for Afternoon Tea (shock horror) and a fact that must be rectified. If you need inspiration visit afternoontea.co.uk.

 5. Visit a National Trust place. Spanning across the country I am sure that you could find a National Trust to explore, go for a walk around the gardens or combine your visit with number four and go for afternoon tea – bingo! Personally I do love a National Trust visit, exploring the history and the architectural and interior changes through the eras. 

6. I’m going to be honest, I have noticed there are far less National Trust places in the midst of London (although I could be wrong) but why not visit an exhibition. Such exhibitions can span from the history of underwear at the V&A to exploring the architectural change of the cottage, terrace and flat at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

7. Delve into your creativity with a craft. I’m personally a fan of the cross stitch but you could paint, cut and stick or even create a scrapbook. A quick visit to your local craft store will surely leave you with more inspiration that what is possible for one day.

8. Back to the home comfort, why not do a spot of baking. There are so many amazing recipes out there to choose from, share your creations with me over on Twitter @petitetealover.

I hope that these ideas help to inspire what you could do with your extra day off, but in fact these work for any day off. Taking time for yourself is so important but also, so many of the activities above could involve your families too.  Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Much love xx