Beauty Trends To Enhance Your Facial Features

When it comes to styling our facial features are the one thing we have little control over. We can change our clothes, our hair colour and style. But our face? It will always have a similar look. We get into a rut with how we look and we can get disheartened. But there are a few different ways and beauty trends you can try that can enhance the way you look.


Have you heard of contouring? It is a new technique that seems to have hit the beauty world like a storm thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian. It’s very simple in theory. You are enhancing the key features of your face by clever makeup techniques. Some areas are highlighted while others have darker shades added to create the appearance of shadows. If you are unsure about how to do it there are plenty of tutorials online with step by step guides – I know I’ll be checking out a few, as personally I can’t get the hang of it. But by the time you do, you won’t believe the difference it will make to your complexion.

Change of eye colour

We would be foolish to think that we have no option about our eye colour but we do. We can now use coloured contact lenses to change the way our eyes look. This can be great to enhance your facial features. Blue eyes, for example, always work well with blonde hair, but not everyone has blue eyes and blonde hair. These are also a great beauty trend to consider if you are going to a party that has a theme or is fancy dress. Even better at times like halloween. They can add a different touch to your outfit and make you stand out.

A new makeup look

We can all be a little guilty of sticking to makeup style that we are used to. Perhaps you are more into your neutral shades and natural looks, or maybe the opposite where you prefer heavy eye makeup and a vibrant lip colour. Try and change things up a little from time to time. Some great inspiration can be found online or in magazines. Just spend a little time recreating looks and see how certain things could enhance your facial features and give you a boost in confidence. 

A different hair style

Just like with makeup we can tend to wear hair in the exact same way – I know I do. Some of us may always straighten it and leave it down, while other scrape it up off their face each day. If this sounds like you then a  great way to enhance your facial features would be to try something new. Again, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different – once I even had a pixie cut, now look at my hair length! (Ps. it’s the longest it’s ever been…) Even if you are not confident with styling your hair practice can make perfect. There are some great styles online through sites like pinterest and YouTube. Often those sites have step by step guides to help you achieve the looks. You may have been doing yourself a disservice by styling your hair in the same way for so long. 

None of this tips are about changing your features, they are enhancing them and I hope one of them works for you!

Much love xx