Ramires Resturarant, Guira Algarve

I’m writing this sat by the balcony with a Rosé spritzer after what is supposed to be the best peri-peri chicken in the Algarve – well according to DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 guide book.

After gaining inspiration for places to eat and visit from our trusty little guidebook and being fans of Nandos back home, the restuaruant Ramires in Guira was added to our go to list. On Thursday night of our week in the Algarve we decided chicken was on the menu.

Do not have expectations. Do not go expecting Nandos.

This place could probably do with a makeover but we weren’t there for the decór. Just get on with it – on to the chicken. It was… AMAZING and nothing like Nandos. Firstly, it is not great for vegetarians – they don’t serve anything but chicken, we didn’t even see a menu (no Perinaise or Macho Peas). Out came some bread with an assortment of accompaniments including, olives, sardine spread and some pot of stuff – well we couldn’t work out what it was – and then follows the famous peri peri chicken.
**Warning: if you do not like to eat chicken off the bone, you might struggle. It comes as a set of three platters; one with chicken, one with chips and one with tomato salad. Well we demolished ours.

I can see why they are famous for their peri-peri chicken, it was special. I mean I did walk out feeling a little hungry still but nothing an ice cream back at the villa wouldn’t sort out.  It isn’t the Nandos we all know and love but it was a great alternative and worth the visit.

Much love xx