How to Master Coffee in 5 Simple Steps

Even though I’m a self-confessed tea lover, I know that a lot of people like to drink coffee too or generally prefer it. Many places aren’t very good at making tea, even if all they need to do is pour water over a tea bag and add milk, or even a fruit tea bag – it’s just not good enough. The problem with coffee is that it can seem much harder to make a good cup of coffee at home than to make tea. Even though making tea can be a science, you don’t need much in the way of fancy equipment (kettle, teabags, milk and water should do it – and a mug of course!). However, if you want to reproduce the coffee from your favourite coffee shop, it can be a little more complicated. Now before we go on, let me tell you something – I do like coffee, tea is (obviously) my preference but I’ve been adding a coffee into my routine in the morning. My boyfriend is a strong roast coffee fan so I have been learning a lot of tips and tricks about making a good coffee at home. If you want to make the perfect coffee, take these steps to achieve it. 

1. Get the Right Equipment

Whenever you go to your favourite coffee shop, Starbucks, Pret (personal favourite) or even an independent, you can’t miss their fancy equipment. They have machines for everything, from grinding beans to steaming milk. You probably don’t have enough space in your home for a professional setup. However, you likely don’t want or need that either. But just because you don’t have a humongous machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some useful equipment. You might choose to have a coffee maker or something to grind fresh beans. Even the smallest pieces of equipment can help you make amazing coffee. A dripper like the Hario v60 helps to impact flavour into your coffee through a slow drip process.

2. Start with Fresh Beans – and Keep Them Fresh

If you usually buy instant coffee, stop doing that right now. Perhaps you buy coffee pods to put into your machine, which can be better. However, if you want to make the best coffee, you should start with fresh beans. To ensure they’re fresh, you need to buy them fresh. Ideally, they should be vacuum packed and stored properly. Keep them fresh at home by storing them in an airtight container.

3. Explore Different Types of Coffee

Just like there is with tea, there’s a whole world of coffee you can explore. It would be a shame to get stuck in a rut and only drink one type. If you want to make the perfect coffee, you should find a variety you like. Try different brands that use a range of bean types to see what you like best. If you’re not sure where to start, try a coffee subscription service to get you going. Surprisingly at home I prefer a strong to medium roast (but I do like it milky…)

4. Use Good Water

Coffee is one ingredient, but water is the other. If you use hard water for your coffee, it’s not going to taste great. However, you don’t want your water to be completely softened. If you’re a real coffee nut, bottled spring water is the preferred choice, or get one of the water filters – I love mine and also improves tea too!

5. Learn the Perfect Method

Finally, a good cup of coffee can be all about the method you use to make it. Depending on what you’re making, there could be a number of important steps to follow. Find out how to get perfect result by researching how the professionals do it.

Mastering the art of coffee making can take years in a professional setting. However, if you’re doing it at home, you have time to play around. Find what works for you and you will be a barista in your own home in no time.

Much love xxx