Unexpected Discovery: Restaurant O’ Leme

Imagine you are driving (on the wrong side of the road if you are from the UK) and hoping to find somewhere for dinner and not having much luck. Seriously, it felt like we were driving in circles. Eventually, fed up and most certainly hungry by this point we came across O’Leme.

At first it looked deceiving and fairly empty but we braved it anyway (before we got hangry…) and took a pew in the delightful place. To start, I had Camembert with honey, pine nuts and raisins – it was beautiful! It was like having your desert merged with your starter, it was just the right portion size too. I had some little toasties with it and would recommend you do too, just breaks the sweetness of the honey.

IMG_3208For main, stone steak. The menu was simple but having witnessed a stone make it’s way to the table behind us we decided to try it too. It was a bit odd to not be asked how well done you like your steak but it soon became clear why. I personally wasn’t too impressed with the vegetables but they were edible at least. The chips were nothing special but complementary to the dish for sure. But I know you are dying to know about the star of the show…OH MY GOODNESS (now how often do you know me to use capitals?) – this was AMAZING! Spot on with flavour and texture, I don’t know what they used to season the steak but it was stunningly beautiful. I would go on and tell you more but it wouldn’t do the taste justice and the pictures don’t do it the right level either so instead if you are in the Algarve and near Albufeira then I highly recommend this little unexpected discovery.

BUT… It doesn’t stop there. Oh no, there’s pudding too. I didn’t have much room but Leighanne (from Cracker’s Adventures and holiday partner in crime) tried the Lemon Meringue pie. I did sample a small bite and WOW. Just wow. A perfect level of lemon to meringue and balanced beautifully with the pastry casing.

If you check out Tripadvisor you will discover (as we did later on) that O’Leme is in fact currently rated #25 out of the vast 630 restaurants in Albuferia. I can imagine that this wouldn’t be for everyone but for an unexpected discovery it was beautiful and by far the best steak I have had in a while and topped off with freshly squeezed orange juice and a sample of the homemade lemon meringue pie.

Much love xxx