Top Travel Advice: Visiting France Like A Pro

Ah, France. It’s one of those countries that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. And you should, because it’s a truly wonderful country. But if you’re going to do it, then you should do it well.

Here are five top tricks to ensure that you get the most out of your French adventure.

Book At The Right Time

Some destinations are impacted by the weather more than others. France is one where the sun makes everything feel a million times better. Therefore, you should check the yearly climate conditions of your chosen destination.

After all, you might only visit the place once in your lifetime. As such, increasing your chances of seeking the best time possible should be a priority. Besides, there might be certain events on at different stages of the year too.

Don’t Just Visit Paris

Of course, the natural starting place for any country is its capital. That’s especially true when it’s also the city of love, and home to one of Europe’s most recognisable attractions. While visiting the Eiffel Tower should be on your agenda, Paris isn’t the only great place to visit in France.

It wasn’t that long ago that I visited Nice, and I loved it. However, destinations like Cannes, St Tropez, and Bordeaux all have plenty to offer too – and definitely on my go to list. The country is accessible enough to take a day trip to Paris or another location anyway.

Choose The Right Accommodation

The choice of accommodation is an important aspect for all vacations. However, France is a place where it’s possible to really relax and enjoy the good life. Sadly, that won’t happen if you’ve selected an unsuitable temporary home.

You can find out about the best places to stay at A little privacy in the luxury of France’s great tourist spots simply cannot be beaten. Seriously, if you get this step right, you’ll be guaranteed to have a fantastic adventure.

Plan Ahead

Another key factor for arranging the perfect French holiday is to employ great organisation. For starters, learning a few simple French phrases will go a long way to helping your cause. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on opportunities due to the language barrier.

I recently went to Portugal and had my first car hire experience – it’s so worth it! Hiring a rental car from Europecar can also open up a world of new possibilities. Meanwhile, you should plan any specific excursions in advance. The last thing you want is to miss out due to overbooking. Besides, it will often save money too. Just make sure you’ve got the right insurance and do your research if you’re a first time hirer.

Treat Your Taste Buds

Different countries boast varying cultures. Great food plays an integral role in France’s. From croissants to snails and frogs legs,(personally I’m not a fan of either, except croissants – who doesn’t like croissants?) you should be eager to give your taste buds a treat.

This is an unrivalled opportunity to taste authentic French cuisine, which is considered one of the best. So take it. Meanwhile, wine lovers will be in heaven with the array of quality French wines on offer. And you don’t need to feel guilty about consuming the calories because you’ll walk it off with sightseeing and adventures. Magnifique.

I have another trip to France planned later this year but it’s more of a Disneyland adventure than a sightseeing one but let me know your favourite destination or where you are jetting off to this summer.

Much love xxx