The Dish | Book Review

When you go on holiday you want a book to escape from the daily life. A book to feel inspired to write or blog in my case. You want to engage with the characters and story. The Dish is exactly that. A perfect holiday read for any foodies or writers out here.

After telling my story recently this book has helped me to move past and get my mojo back. Sounds bananas that words on a page (or kindle screen) could help me create and craft one of my life’s enjoyment a here on petitetealover – but hey, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Without giving spoilers, this book tells the story of Laura’s recovery from heartbreak. Laura chose to escape from the world and take a downgrade in living space and even her job. What she didn’t expect is for it to turn into a flourishing career and for that career to turn a budding romance into what in food terms was nearly like a smushed avocado.

There are some great crafted lines within this book but my favourite has to be:
“The thing to do when you’re feeling down is get straight out of bed and up to standing position before the sadness can creep under the covers with you.”
It’s like Stella was talking to me. You’ll be okay. Enjoy this holiday, have a plan for when you get back and always get out of bed. Even on a Monday. (Not sure about that one but we’ll have to wait and see).

This is just what I took from the story for me, there are so many other themes. From the food scene in London (ever get stuck on somewhere to visit there are many bloggers but one of my current favourites is SavlaFaire). There’s also the romance story between Laura and Adam – I’ll leave it there at risk of telling you the whole plot! But it’s a romance worth following. And finally, do what you love to do in life. Don’t be stuck by the rigid walls of expectations.

Honestly, what did I think of this book. Witty, charming, romantic but all the same fustrating. All the way I loved it from the croissants to coffee expertise (although I would rather it was tea, naturally) but I was left wanting more. I don’t know whether I have an over active imagination with fiction but I wanted to know what happened, what’s their future.

I end with a plea to Stella Newman, please write a sequel and continue their love tale. I’m hooked on the passion and foodie love of Laura and Adam.

Much love xx