Making Sure You Get The Most Of Every Room In Your Home

Those of us who have our own home can often experience an odd bit of a problem. Of feeling like our home is all a bit too much for us – like we’re not getting as much out of it as we should. This isn’t actually all that uncommon a problem. It can stop you from truly feeling at home (trust me having moved out of home 2 years ago – I still have this problem!) The key to fixing that is making sure you get the use out of all the home you need but the key question is how do you know you are getting the most out of every room?



The bathroom

Obviously, some rooms have really clear uses, including the bathroom – but I’m talking about getting the most out of them and not just the bare essentials. For the bathroom, it shouldn’t just be a place to wash and do our business. It can also be the relaxing mini-spa that a lot of us could use. The key to getting the best out of your bathroom is filling it with all the tools you need. The kind of aromatherapy and sensation products from producers like Library of Flowers. A great, pampering bath is something we all deserve, so make sure it’s available right at home. Lush products, candles and make sure you have the right pamper ingredients to make this a zen (and tech free) zone. 

The kitchen

The worst room in the house for me, I love cooking and more recently baking but seriously keeping it tidy and clean is not my favourite activity… but something you need to do if you are going to need to eat! Without the proper planning, it can be a messy, dis-organised place – one that makes it a dread to use. Clearing clutter in the kitchen is about making a place for everything in it. Finding the storage possibilities you might not have thought of to keep it neat and all the more pleasant to be in. I’m still not that great at this but I have a dedicated Pinterest for something to aspire too!


The living room

A lot of us have living rooms that we don’t get much use out of; instead, we might choose instead to retreat to our bedrooms as soon as we come in the door. The key to making the living room a place where you want to spend more time is by thinking about other people. Thinking about the kind of living room that guests want to see. The kind of comforts and little touches that make it a lot more inviting. It’s also just about mandatory to make sure you have that one comfy chair loaded with cushions – not that my partner would agree. I love spending time in the living room, but being in a one bedroom house my personal go-to space is the bedroom but I try and make the effort to keep the living room a joint space to spend time together and with family.

img_7686img_7685The garden

The garden is another place that too many of us feel a bit of dread about going into. If a garden hasn’t been looked after, it very quickly becomes an overgrown mess. It’s all about just taking it step by step and tidying one bit a day. Before long, you’ll have a nice, finished garden. If you need some motivation to clean it up and use it, however, think about how great a dining area it could make. A tidy garden makes the perfect place to invite a friend over for a bite to eat in the summer. I have a bush outside the door and a patch of grass, but my aunt’s love and dedication shows how it can be a great place to relax or have a BBQ (when the weather permits).

What’s your favourite room to spend time in and which room would you like to spruce up to get the most of the space?

Much love xxx