China Green, Jadu Tea | Tea Review

I never used to like green tea. But in more recent times and since beginning this blog I’ve begun trying a whole host of new things. Some weren’t technically new as if tried them before but as a child is deemed them as not liked, the reality is your taste buds change. Indian food is a great example, Lotus was the game changer.

My view on green tea began to change with the discovery of Green Tea Chai by Solaris Tea. So when I received the China Green by Jadu Tea I wanted to taste with an open mind.

Firstly, just look at the packaging. An exquisite combination of blue velvet and gold. You can instantly tell you are getting quality with this brand. I even loved the detail with the ribbon on the tea packaging inside the box.

One thing I notice is it not a strong green scent. I like this. Sometimes strong tea resembles a smell I would rather not associate with my lifestyle drink of choice. All is well. I place a couple of scoops into the teapot and use my Twinnings tea timer to brew. The ideal brewing time is 2 minutes and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Sit back and sip into a cup of smooth warming heaven! Green tea is prefect for the summer because you can drink it hot or cold – especially with the British weather being so unpredictable, it’s June and I’m in a raincoat and carrying around an umbrella.

I really like this green tea; it’s smooth, elegant and refreshing even when it’s warm. By the looks of it so does everyone too! It’s currently out of stock online but watch this space I’m sure the popular drink will be back soon. In time won’t don’t you try the Mademoiselle Grey?

What’s your favourite green tea – with a flavouring, matcha or just plain and simple?

Much love xxx