3 Easy Short Break Holidays

You don’t need to travel far nowadays to enjoy an amazing holiday. There are many beautiful places where you can enjoy a short break without breaking the bank – I’m counting down the days until my next long weekend of travelling (although Gloucestershire is not quite the same as the suggestions below – a girl can dream…)


This romantic destination is normally pretty high on people’s bucket list travel ideas (including mine). It is the capital of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. The city is made up of 117 islands all separated and connected by its famous canals and bridges. Whilst being a very popular tourist destination, Venice retains its beauty with its architecture, artwork, and classic settings. It’s quite a small city and easy to get around. Piazza San Marco is a perfect example of this; standing in the middle of the square you can see the Basilica di San Marco, Doge’s Palace and Torre dell’Orologio. A gondola trip can be pretty expensive, but is worth the spend if you want the full ‘Venice experience’. After a long day of sight-seeing and gelato-evening, there are many stunning hotels and apartments to relax in.


Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia region of Spain, and with cheap and fast flights from the UK it is a perfect cosmopolitan destination. A quirky location; filled with food, street life, art and architecture. It’s very easy to get around using their Metro train system, just check which travel card would work out best for you and grab a map. The different personalities of the city are easily defined, with the medieval Gothic Quarter and fantastic Antoni Gaudi’s architecture. The Sagrada Familia is definitely worth a visit! For the sun-worshippers, Barcelona boasts 4.5km of beautiful sandy beaches and a subtropical-Mediterranean climate. The days can be finished off walking down Las Ramblas and scoffing tapas and sangria in tiny bars with the locals.


Of course, Paris. France is so easy to get to from the UK by plane, train or car, and a very popular destination. There are many different parts to visit, but Paris will always be a firm favourite for everyone. It is the capital of France and oozes class, known famously for its culture, art, fashion and style. A beautiful city, filled with stunning architecture and landmarks. There’s lots of sight-seeing to be done here; Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre to name a few. Enjoying Paris on foot can be pretty exhausting though, so when you tire of wandering the streets and squares you can simply relax in a cafe and watching the locals. Finish off the day with a drink and bite to eat in one of the many wine bars and local restaurants.

There are so many other locations you could look at as well. Rome is filled with history and dramatic buildings. Amsterdam has an edgy and contemporary feel to it, with Spring being the best time to visit when it is blooming with tulips. Or of course, stay in the UK! With places like London, Peak District and Edinburgh on our doorstep, the possibilities are endless. You might be able to travel a lot more than you thought!

Where will you travel to next? Tell me over on Twitter your #NextStop.

Much love xxx