What South-West England Has To Offer

When it comes to planning a holiday in the UK, several areas tend to get left out. While the gleaming metropolis of London or the rolling mountains of Snowdonia grab all the headlines, you miss out on some hidden gems.

The South West of England has some of the most beautiful countryside that you could want. There are a variety of options of things to do. If you fancy trying out something different where there are fewer tourists to tangle with, then here are a few ideas.

If You Love: Stunning Natural Scenery

Cheddar Gorge is a natural gorge found near the town of Cheddar. Despite what the name suggests, it has nothing to do with cheese – though you can pick up some of the local delicacies nearby. It offers stunning caverns and caves which make a fantastic day out for the family. A drive through the gorge takes you through cliff faces, and you can mingle with the local friendly goat population. Ideally, make the most of the gorge by driving it yourself.

If You Love: Architecture and Engineering

The Avon Gorge bridge by built in the 19th century by world-renowned architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It was created to span the Avon Gorge, a vast chasm that divides the central city of Bristol. The bridge is a triumph all of its own and is standing as strong now as it was when it was first constructed. You can travel over the bridge itself or sit in one of the riverside cafes and admire it from below. Bristol itself has plenty to offer, so make a day of it using the public transport links.

If You Love: Historical Structures

Stonehenge is a Neolithic stone construction which is considered to be an ancient method of observing the movement of the stars. That’s the educated guess anyway – no one knows for sure! Nonetheless, the stone settlement sits on the picturesque Salisbury plain.

US President Barack Obama made a special visit to the site during a state visit, describing it as ticking something off his “bucket list”. If you fancy following in his footsteps, compare stonehenge tours for a comprehensive idea of how to visit. Obama used a helicopter, but if that’s not in your budget, one of the specialist tours should help!


If You Love: Cream Tea

The earliest recorded use of the phrase ‘cream tea’ is in 1964 “Picture of Millie” by Philip Maitland Hubbard with the line: “We just bathe and moon about and eat cream teas.” No matter where in England you choose to go, there will always be somewhere for tea. Let’s face it the South West is the home of cream tea with Cornwall and Devon – let the cream versus jam on top discussion commence.  But should you expect from your cream tea – that the tea is hot, the scones are warm and the jam & cream are suited to the surroundings temperature, no matter which way they are placed!

If You Love: Something A Little Bit Weird

The above are a little standard, something that you would find in your average guidebook. They have their merit, but what if you want something unusual? Perhaps even creepy? How about a whole host of abandoned, still-active nuclear submarines floating near a major city?

That’s what’s on offer at Devonport, near Plymouth. 12 Cold War submarines sit in the harbour, most of which have never been fully deactivated, they make quite the sight.

From tea, to stone to nuclear submarines – there is plenty in the South West for exploring, question is where will you go and what will you do?

Much love xxx