Apple and Raspberry Matcha Summer Drink

If you asked me my favourite tea I would normally not be able to give you a reply. But right now I’m obsessed with a green powder that goes by the name of Matcha.

I discovered Matcha at an event with teapigs and finally got to try some, we tried lattes and summer drinks. That was last year and I wasn’t a massive fan. But I didn’t rule out the power of green. I retried earlier this year and decided to give it another go. The matcha mission was born, to try different matches and create new recipes with it. I was kindly sent some matcha by Adagio Teas in their chocolate and raspberry flavours. At first I thought it was one of this things that was not going to be possible and taste rubbish (sorry Adagio) but when you open the lid you get hit with the most wonderful smell. I was prepared to proved wrong by this point.

Let’s get my one word of negativity out of the way, I want to be honest okay? The packaging is not the best. It looks gorgeous but it had slightly spilled out of the sides (we’re talking a tiny amount but it’s Matcha). I wondered if this was just the delivery or a one off but after reading Russ Teas review it appears that wasn’t the case.

It does not disappoint! I’ve tried the raspberry matcha in many ways with hot water as a latte but this quick and simple summer drink is by far my favourite way to use the matcha goodness. In terms of blending it definitely works best with some form of whisk – I didn’t learn this until after I’d taken my photos hence why it’s so dark as I just kept adding more. Hey, at least I got a great punch of raspberry! One of my favourite matcha drinks is the Teapigs Matcha Green Tea drinks in Apple. So I thought I would try Apple as part of my creation – apple and raspberry a winning combination for anything right. Then I kept it simple with sparkling water, too many flavours might have lost the raspberry-ness of the matcha and I didn’t want that! Here is the full recipe but you can guess the measurements when creating.

Much love xxx

Apple and Raspberry Matcha Summer Drink

Adagio Raspberry Matcha
Apple juice
Sparkling water

1. Whisk half a teaspoon of matcha with about a shot of apple juice (use either a spoon, electrical whisk or if you have one a matcha whisk)

2. Top up with your sparkling water

3. Decorate with a straw and maybe a raspberry on the side if you are feeling fancy.