Quick note | Gluten Free

Earlier this year my mum discovered a life-changing piece of news, she’s got celiac disease. This meant that my mum was placed on a gluten-free diet and it’s not until you go through the cupboards that you realise how much food contains gluten. It’s been two months and in that time even I’ve learnt so much about the what celiac disease is – but the surprising thing? It’s more common than you realise.

So I asked my mum if I could use her as a guinea pig for gluten free recipes and afternoon tea trips – this is someone who had only just got her head around what blogging was. Amazingly she said yes and this is why I’m writing this post. I’ve not been diagnosed with celiac disease and learning where those on a gluten-free diet can eat and can’t eat has been fansicating. There are so many health benefits to being on a gluten-free diet even if you aren’t celiac, so I’ve been trying some things out too. Not just because I’m interested but I don’t want my mum to be alone in this journey.

I have added a gluten free category to my blog and I’ll be writing recipes, reviews on products and places to eat. I’m also hoping to do some comparisons on to what the difference between foods containing and gluten-free. I’m hoping that maybe one day I might even get a guest post from my mum (comment down below if you would like her to).

I’m excited for this chapter in my blog and I hope you are too! Watch this space as the adventure begins very soon with life beyond bread.

Much love xx