Life Beyond Bread | Gluten Free

imageI recently wrote about my mum’s diagnosis of celiac disease and this is the first post of what I hope is many to come. 

Bread was the one thing my mum panicked most about – sandwiches are her back-up lunch option – and I’m not going to lie, we hadn’t heard great things about the supermarket bread… so when mum came to visit me at work for lunch one day, I googled ‘gluten-free lunch destinations’. Beyond Bread is situated near Tottenham Court Road, so a little further than my usual lunch time zone, but it was for mum and so totally worth it. It was a small cafe come bakery that only did gluten-free food. It was like placing my mum in a sweet shop.

We both had the mushroom toastie and it was surprisingly good. Honestly having the bread with something, I couldn’t taste the difference. But on it’s own I got what mum meant about the sandy texture – although apparently it was better than the supermarket! I accompanied my toastie with a matcha tea latte (a new found favourite and a concept I had to explain to my mum) whilst mum had a latte with maple syrup (another new thing that mum hadn’t tried before).

Amazed by the quality and selection available, it looked like mum wanted to try everything and I’m sure she probably did; but with a loaf of brioche bread, some carrot cake and a brownie we were set.

If you are gluten-free and looking for somewhere to have a bite to eat near the shopping central of Oxford Circus, then venture to Beyond Bread. Although, it’s not that big in terms of tables so bear that in mind.

IMG_7985Islington is one of the best places to find all types of food and Beyond Bread have joined them with a new store opening just last week. I went to their launch and boy! You couldn’t tell the difference, it was gorgeous in looks, space, and most certainly the food. If you are on your London exploring then maybe go to the Islington one instead, it’s definitely more spacious whilst still keeping the quality of food. Just note – the matcha Madeleine’s were super good! Definitely my favourite out of the vast selection!

Much love xxx

Ps. I am not sorry for the number of photos which conclude this post because not only do they look yummy but they are yummy!