Mews of Mayfair |Afternoon Tea Review

You know it’s been a good afternoon tea when you sit down the very next day and edit all your photos and type up your thoughts (although you’re not reading this until a few days after…)

After some shopping and ready for a nice sit down on what had turned out to be a beautiful day in London we ventured to find the Mews of Mayfair. Tucked away this is not a quiet place – with BBQs and a beautiful ambiance you are instantly sucked into the place.


We were taken into a little room which had a pleasant breeze (hoorah) and shown our gorgeous table. A lovely touch I didn’t notice until leaving was the bag hooks which sit on the underneath of the table. I had my head set on the type of tea I was going to have (vanilla) but with the weather I had a sudden change of mind and went for Silver Tip Jasmine. A delicate infusion of the silver needle with Jasmine, a perfect summer green tea for the occasion. I love silver needle, in fact it was the first tea I ever had at an afternoon tea, but I’d never known it to be combined with Jasmine. Good thinking Rare Tea Company.

IMG_8065 IMG_8066 IMG_8068

I swear you never know where to start when you have afternoon tea – sandwiches, scones or cakes? Personally, I like the savoury first although I can imagine the argument for enjoying the scones whilst they are warm. I actually like that the Mews did a selection of savouries and not just sandwiches. The flavours were perfectly balanced and you could taste the quality of the ingredients. My hat off to you Mews – it’s hard to maintain the quality from kitchen to palette – especially for afternoon tea.

IMG_8069 IMG_8070

I’ve uttered the cream on top or bottom discussion before but it depends on your preference. My preference is jam on top (and certainly more Instagramable). The scones were warm and soft but crumbly to the perfect texture. I have to say that it is refreshing to see more places offering just scones and tea nowadays as afternoon tea can sometimes be too much. Mews is one of these. The sweetness of the jam beautifully cut through the cream and scone without taking over.

IMG_8071 IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075

The cakes. Oh wow the cakes. Before I go on, am I the only one who (despite not eating anything in the lead up to tea) who gets to cake and thinks – I need a breather? I was determined to at least try a bit of each of them. I love a macaroon but the raspberry and white chocolate was to die for. Seriously, I wish I could have more than one of them…

To conclude I have very high praise of this delightful activity but to be perfectly honest it has to be one of the best afternoon tea’s that I have ever had in London. I am not joking. From service to atmosphere and especially the food it was an affordable stunning affair and I am definitely going to make a trip back for dinner one time.

Much love xxx