The Ultimate Guide To A Holiday

Everyone takes a holiday for a different reason. Some people book in advance so that we have something to look forward to or a last minute get away. Whether it be with friends or family, we all have different holiday destination checklists (as well as a holiday preparation checklist). Some may say our holiday preference defines us, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it make us unique. With so many websites preaching for a sunny beach holiday, it doesn’t mean that is what we have to settle for. What type of holiday maker are you?

The beachy kind

There is nothing wrong with a classic sun, sea, sand and towel reserved sun loungers abundant beach holiday. With airlines jetting us across to some of the most golden of gold sand beaches available, it is no wonder that many of us still love a classic beach holiday. But where are the best beaches and what should you be looking for. Judge it on some reviews and by the photos and remember most abroad beaches aren’t going to let you down. 

The adventure kind

Getting outside and getting active is something we all should be doing more of, including the kids. So why not make our holidays into outdoor adventures, there are so many incredible options on offer, including some right on our very doorstep with things like Center Parcs. One of my good friend works in a Center Parcs near Nottingham and you never know what you might discover in the Sherwood Forest! But there are similar active adventures around the world that you can discover – make sure you pinpoint the right kind of adventure holiday for you.

The cruising kind

I’m not one for a cruise but cruises are still going strong, from the Caribbean to Disney. For many, they encapsulate the open sea, amazing destinations (and beaches) combined with a sense of adventure – all in one trip! However, cruises nowadays offer so many options  and with each cruise liner having so many ‘wow’ factors the website Choosing Cruising can offer you impartial advice to help you narrow down your choices.

The clubbing kind

For many of us, there is nothing better than an alcohol-fueled club focussed getaway (and why not?! You only live once). From Ibiza to Magaluf, where to go for the best time is almost decided on your friend’s friend who went last year. The different club experiences that can be found should come with a warning that your favourite local bar will never be as fun again.

Now it can be hard to find what destination, what beach, what adventure, what cruise or what club is the one you love. But why not give a few a go over the years, if you’re feeling extra daring give a different holiday type a go. You never know one year you may be laying on the golden Algarve sand and the next you’ll be hiking through the Lake District. Holidays are meant to be fun and what defines fun is completely down to you. Hey, this year for my 25th birthday I’m going to Disneyland Paris because you’re never too old to have fun!

Much love xxx