Backpacking Across America | Things To Consider For Your Trip


Backpacking across America is something that most people only dream of doing. So if you’re planning on taking the plunge and going for it, whoop and congratulations! It’s a chance to experience the country from a very real and humble perspective, and will gain memories to last a lifetime (and amazing photos to make everyone else jealous). Here are a few things to consider for your trip.

You’ll Need a Visa

As with a large proportion of countries in the world, you’ll need a visa to be able to enter America. You can apply for a USA visa for UK residents online, it’s quick and easy with most being accepted within a matter of seconds. You might have a million and one other things to think about when you’re planning on living out of a backpack for months, this is one is top priority. You literally will not be able to enter the country without it.

Backpacking With a Tour or Going Alone?

Companies like Trek America and Suntrek can be a good choice, especially if you’re new to backpacking and don’t have anyone who is willing to experience it with you. You’ll be with a group of other people and be lead from place to place, so while you can still explore and get that gritty backpacking experience you know there’s no risk of getting lost or ending up in some kind of trouble. If you’re a bit more experienced or have your own group to travel with, you might want to decide on your own route and go it alone without a tour. Do plenty of planning and preparation in advance to get the best out of your trip.


Think About Accommodation and Food

If you’re backpacking without a tour, this is one of the main factors you’ll have to think about. When you’re travelling from place to place you’re going to need somewhere to sleep. Motels and hostels will provide a cheap place to get a shower and sleep for the night, other nights will likely be spent in your tent providing there’s a suitable place to camp. Mark down the places you’re likely to stay along your route. In regards to food, it’s always worth making you have a day’s worth of food and water in your pack when you’re backpacking. Dried snacks such as protein bars, dried fruit and nuts will provide some much needed energy and nutrition while you’re on your trek. Depending on your route there are likely to be plenty of supermarkets, inexpensive restaurants and fast food chains but try to make healthy choices where possible. When you’re on your feet for most of the day with a heavy backpack, your body will need all of the goodness it can get.

Regardless of the route you choose, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime. Just get out there and see the world, travel yourself interesting and gain a new perspective on life. It doesn’t matter when you do it – by taking a gap year or quitting your job to live the dream, travelling is something you’ll never regret doing and so if you are able to- get out there and do it!

Much Love xxx