Giveaway | Tanya Burr’s Soft Luxe Collection


Here it is the blog post I have been planning for over a month to celebrate my blog anniversary!

Blogging makes me happy; it’s given me new friends, new skills and a new found confidence in myself. When I’m blogging or with my blogger friends I feel myself. I feel relaxed and calm and like nothing can stop me (but just writing that line wants me to burst into Queen). I am so glad that I made the decision to blog and this is just the start of a great new life adventure I am sure!


Everyone has at least one inspiration and in the blogging community it is so easy to have more than one. That’s the whole point of the community we inspire each other. But whether you are a blogger or not, I’m sure there is someone who inspires you.

I’ve spoken before about Fleur De Force and it might not come as too much of a surprise that Tanya Burr comes into my list of idols and inspirations. The Afternoon Tea lip gloss is one of my personal trusty favourites (the name is perfectly suited too!) so when Tanya released her latest collection, Soft Luxe, the idea hit me straight away. I was going to give away the WHOLE new Soft Luxe Collection. I know that it’s been out a while now but it’s proven to be so popular some of the items have gone out of stock – but here is your chance to win the lot!


I purchased Martha Moo matte lip for myself (and seriously why did I do not get the Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette too…) and I have to say that for a liquid lipstick this is one of the best ones I’ve tried. I’m not a massive fan of a matte lip normally because I find it uncomfortable and very drying but I could easily wear this all day. I have been wearing this in the evening when I’m out a lot, one because it’s neutral and a fail safe colour but two, there is hardly any transfer!


You don’t need a lot of product on your lips and as with any matte lip, I would give your lips a good scrub before hand. I didn’t do this upon my first application (rookie mistake) and felt regretful for the purchase but I didn’t give up and I fell in love. All in all I’m very impressed with this product and for £5.99 it’s affordable too! If you don’t win this giveaway then I would suggest you give them a go.

But enough of my waffle, here is what you can win:

  • Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette
  • Enchanted Dream eyeshadow palette
  • Soft Pyjamas nail polish
  • Piggy Bank nail polish
  • New Chapter nail polish
  • Martha Moo matte lip
  • Puppy Paws matte lip
  • Rhubarb & Custard matte lip

How to enter:

  • Head over to my Twitter
  • Follow me
  • Find the official giveaway tweet (pinned) and give it a retweet.

Bonus way to enter: leave a comment on this blog telling me what makes you happy.

Closes midnight (UK time) on Wednesday 14 September. UK entries only. You must be following me on Twitter when the competition ends. The winner will be announced on Twitter.

Good luck and much love xxx