5 Top Reasons Why Foodies Need To Travel To Cornwall

One of the most beautiful areas of the UK that sees millions of visitors every year is Cornwall. The county is home to several beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque towns including Falmouth and Looe. One of the main reasons why people head to the county every year is because of the delicious Cornish food. Here are five reasons foodies need to travel to Cornwall.

You will love their cream tea

Of course this would be here! One of the top reasons why foodies need to travel to Cornwall is to try their delicious cream tea. If you have a sweet tooth, you will fall in love (or continue your love affair) with the afternoon treat. You won’t pass a tea room in Cornwall that doesn’t sell a traditional Cornish cream tea. The treat comprises of delicious scones, clotted cream, jam, and tea. The scones are often homemade, and some cafes will let you buy the treat to take away with you. You will definitely fall in love with Cornish tea while you are in Cornwall – cream on top (of course).

You need to try a Cornish pasty

Another top reason why foodies need to travel to Cornwall is to try their scrumptious Cornish pasty. It’s highly popular with locals and tourists alike enjoying one for lunch or dinner. It even has a protected status in Europe, meaning no pasties other than in Cornwall can boast the name. You will find the pastries in many shops dotted all over Cornwall. A lot of people will have a traditional beef Cornish pastry, but you can get other fillings including chicken and bacon, and cheese and onion. A fun fact you might not know is the locals call them an oggy!

You need to enjoy a Cornish ice cream

You also need to go to Cornwall if you are a foodie to try their Cornish ice cream. Ice cream fans will love Cornish ice cream which is made from clotted cream. It makes it even creamier and delicious on its own. You will find the treat in stores and vans across the seaside area. It will be perfect to enjoy while you are sitting on the seafront in the picturesque towns. You will find traditional flavours such as strawberry and vanilla, alongside unique tastes you will love to try.

You need to try some fish and chips

Another top reason why foodies need to travel to Cornwall is to try some of their delicious fish and chips. The sea surrrounds a lot of Cornwall, so it’s no surprise that they offer some of the best fish and chips in the country. When you look for somewhere to stay such as Hotels in Looe, you should check out where the nearest chip shop is. You are bound to have a great dinner that you will enjoy.

You need to try a saffron bun

An additional top reason why foodies need to travel to Cornwall is to try one of their sweet saffron buns. It’s a popular local favourite which is a yeast bun with saffron. The buns can be found in the local bakeries in Cornwall all year round. But as this article reveals, they are often a popular treat in winter to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

With so much great food on offer, foodies will love spending a holiday in Cornwall! Let me know about your trips and what you try!

Much love xxx