Floral Jumpsuit from Boutique of Molly

The english weather is unpredictable. One minute it can be sunny and the next it can be cold and rainy. I love a jumpsuit but quite often I have trouble finding ones that are the right length and suit me. But when I found this gorgeous one from Boutique of Molly I know that it could be a good wardrobe staple. Layering is a great way to beat the english weather and I can see this jumpsuit seeing me through those unpredictable days and into the autumn with a tee layered underneath.

When I took these photos I was lucky with the weather and took full advantage of my aunt’s beautiful garden for some shots in the sun. Now it is a little too long for me at the moment, but there are ways around it! I’ve thrown a hand a sewing before, but I mainly stick to the cross stitch kind. Although when I was at school I used to work in a suit shop so I do know how easy it is to take up a pair of trousers – this includes a jumpsuit! My nan is much better with the machine than me but I told exactly how much I wanted off and now this jumpsuit can jet off with me in a couple of weeks on holiday.

A jumpsuit is super comfortable – like a more sophisticated onesie? Believe it or not, I own three. I’ve been picky over the years and I love my collection. This is the latest to be added and I think it will be here to stay. Rock this simple floral jumpsuit with a pair of block heel sandals and a clutch and I’m ready to go for a night out or even a BBQ. How do you like to style your jumpsuit and how do you solve the long leg crisis of being petite?

Much love xxx