Unmissable Fashion Tips For Your Work Wardrobe

Getting your work wardrobe right is harder than you think. You want to add elements of your personal style while keeping your outfits professional and stylish. The clothing also needs to be comfortable if you are going to be at work for a long shift. Here are some unmissable fashion tips for your work wardrobe.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and stripes
As much as your wardrobe needs to look sophisticated, you don’t have to stick to boring styles for your work wardrobe. You should experiment with prints and stripes to help your outfits look glam. I love a striped pair of trousers or a pattern top – find the right on that looks flattering for your figure and you’ll be instantly looking more stylish. Additionally, you can mix and match different prints to pull off a great look. Just look at Olivia Palermo here who looks fabulous in a mix of patterns. Try different styles and see what works for you.

Avoid white clothing

Although you don’t always want to stick to black, you need to be careful when it comes to white. It can often cause issues when you have lunch or a mug of tea and end up spilling it down you (I’ve made this mistake before)! You will get marks which will be hard to hide for the rest of the day. Also, if you go to a meeting and get stuck in the rain, you could end up heading into the meeting in a see-through dress! In addition, white can make choosing underwear more difficult. You can’t go for any bright styles which will easily be seen through your clothing. You will have to find white underwear from stores such as Freya Lingerie that you can wear under that white dress. It may be easier to choose a different colour which won’t leave you embarrassed at the workplace!



Accessorize with belts and jewellery

Your can easily spruce up your work wardrobe with belts and jewellery. It’s the perfect chance to wear that gorgeous yellow belt or gold necklace. It can add some glam and texture to your black dress. Get yourself down to the shops to find some bold accessories which will look glam for your work wardrobe – H&M have some good pieces that are affordable too!

Use blazers to add sophistication

We all have days where we don’t fancy wearing a formal dress for work. You may want to wear a more casual outfit which will be more comfortable. In this case, you should consider adding a blazer to our outfit. They are great for adding sophistication to the outfit to make it look more appropriate for meetings. If your outfit is dull, it can add a pop of color to help brighten up your whole appearance.

Get a couple of statement pieces

The key to a fantastic work wardrobe is to have just a few statement pieces. You can then experiment and mix and match them with other accessories. It will help you keep costs down as you won’t have to keep buying outfits. And the best thing is the outfit will look brand new. You can see how to create different styles with a few statement pieces in this article.

Remember to get a few great pairs of shoes you can wear every day. Boots are an essential for workwear as they will give you comfort and make your outfit look great.

What’s your favourite workwear item in your wardrobe?

Much love xxx