5 Things You Need When Hosting An Afternoon Tea Party At Home!

I love afternoon tea. It’s one of my favourite things to do. In fact, I have sampled various afternoon tea across the country and found some amazing places along the way. But sometimes you don’t need to go to a hotel or tea room to have afternoon tea – why not have it at home! A great party idea for a special occasion or just a weekend treat with the girls. Here are five things you need to have a great afternoon tea party at home!


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You need a great cake stand

The three tier stand you get when you order afternoon tea is a must-have when having an afternoon tea party in your home. If you have one already, it’s time to get it out of the cupboard and give it a wipe down. Depending on how many people you are going to have at your party, you may want a couple of great cake stands. You can find them online, or you can find some beautiful vintage cake stands at charity shops. Remember to pick up a good tea pot and some tea cups while you are there – as suggested by this feature.

TIP – you can also get cardboard ones too! Perfect for decreasing the washing up and also fitting in with a theme!

You need a variety of teas

When you go out for afternoon tea, you will often find several options for tea on the menu. Why not do the same and buy a variety of teas for everyone to enjoy when hosting an afternoon tea party at home. That way, you are catering to all tastes at the party. You will want a traditional earl grey and several fruit teas for people to choose from. You should get some loose leaf tea which has an enhanced flavor and it’s healthier. There are lots of variety to pick from when you buy this form of tea.


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You need bunting and fun table accessories

Bunting is a must-have if you are going to have an afternoon tea party at home. It’s traditional and will really put everyone in the party mood. You can make your own bunting which you can hang up around the room, or you can find some in stores to save you some time and effort. You should also ensure you have some fun table accessories such as a brightly coloured table cloth and some cotton and linen napkins. It will set the mood for the afternoon tea party and will ensure the room looks great.

You need scones and sandwiches

You can’t have a great afternoon tea party without delicious sandwich and scones. You can make your own sandwiches with traditional flavors including cheese and pickle and egg and cress. Remember to cut them into small slices so that everyone has room for pudding. You will want to make your own scones for the event. Plain, fruit, and cheese will go down a treat with your guests. If you don’t have time, you can buy some ready made from the shop! Remember to get some jam and clotted cream to enjoy with the scones. Strawberry, orange, and raspberry jam would be ideal choices for your party.


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Remember to make some cakes to enjoy at the afternoon tea party. Cakes can be such a personal preference and getting the right flavour can always be tricky but if in doubt keep it simple. Chocolate and carrot cake will be delicious options that everyone will love. Cupcakes are also ideal if you fancy something a bit different at your party.

What would you include in your afternoon tea party to make extra special?

Much love xxx