Black Forest Bliss | Tea Review

I write this particular post in anticipation of episode 2 of the Great British Bake Off and unsurprisingly a desire for cake. I have a Tesco order coming later with ingredients for cookies but what can I do to stop these sweet cravings before then? T2 have sent me the answer with their desert teas!

I love Black Forest cake. There is just something special about the combination of cherry, chocolate and cream that is dreamy. When I heard that T2 had created this Black Forest Bliss blend I just had to try it! Seriously? You want my honest opinion?


It’s like a cake in a mug – but not a mug cake. It’s sweet and silky on the palette but not over the top. It’s as good as a naughty hot chocolate with all the trimmings but without the calories. It’s my new afternoon favourite – and that’s saying something.

I would highly recommend sitting down with GBBO on the tv and a cup of this brew to combat cake cravings whilst still snuggling on the sofa for comfort… Although having said that there is nothing stopping you from just a small bit of cake. Right?

Much love xxx