It’s not tea time… it’s Teagime.

img_7910I’ve recently moved house and discovered I had to pack a whole box of tea… yes an archive size packing box. Now most people would take that as a sign to perhaps cut down on the tea you are bringing into the house… me? No. I discovered Teagime. A personalised tea subscription which is so quick and easy to sign up for I just found myself doing it on my lunch break. 

The service is simple, fill in the questionnaire so that they can personalise what tea you get, fill in your details and then it comes to your door. In your pack you get two tea infusers and a morning, afternoon and evening blends bespoke to you. You get a guide telling you what the blends are and why they are good for you. 


So I had a Teagime day where I tried all three. Firstly the morning blend… Honey Lemon, filled with honeybush, bee pollen and lemongrass. Out of the three this wasn’t my favourite, but for a morning brew it was delightfully refreshing and cleansing. In the winter I’m known to have a slice of lemon in hot water to help the oxidants (and all that) but this would be a good replacement. Part of me was hoping that it was sweeter, I’m not quite sure why, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t. I think I found myself drinking this more in the evenings with a spoonful of honey – but that’s the beauty of tea there are no rules! 

The afternoon blend was a fun combination of blueberry, spearmint and pouchong tea. This tea is all about relieving stress and sharpening ‘mental powers’ and I have to say it might have taken a few tries it did help. I wasn’t a fan of the taste but sometimes tea is more than that. Tea is known to be a relaxer, especially the mint blends. 

My favourite blend (and the one I drank whenever I wanted it) was the evening blend. Strawberry, rooibos and vanilla was a beautiful combination of love and beauty. I love rooibos, it’s by far one of my favourite types of tea and combined with two of my favourite ingredients just made it divine. Vanilla is known to reduce hunger pangs so this is the culprit of why I drank it all the time because I get super hungry for a snack mid-afternoon, instead I was having this tea and not the snack. I can see the theory behind having it after dinner before bed as that is why you are most likely to eat without letting your food settle. 


With Christmas coming up it might feel a little too early to be thinking about presents but this would make a perfect gift for a tea lover. Or perhaps for yourself? I love the personalised touch of Teagime and the infusers are great for using once you’ve drunk all the tea. 

It’s like a beauty box for tea lovers, what more could you ask for?