Spun Candy: The Home of Sweet Things | London

I think it’s safe to say 2016 hasn’t been the best year for me so when I decided to accept the invitation to the Spun Candy event to celebrate their 3rd birthday I was unsure on how was I going to be on the night. Luckily with some of the best hosting I’ve had for an event and even better company I found myself having a brilliant time!

Firstly, can we mention the decor for the Spitalfields – Masterclass store? With tiled walls and a flexible and multi-purpose layout is a dream from store to masterclass space – pure heaven.

Now it might be that you haven’t come across Spun Candy before and to be honest I hadn’t until earlier in the year when I got to sample their Christmas candy… Whilst doing some reading into the company I discovered that all their products are gluten and gelatin free! Specialising in making hard rock into any shape you would think it was simple enough to give it a go yourself, right? Wrong. Even a heart was a challenge.

One of my favourite things to do was the smell test, I did this with one of the girls I met that night Megan from Carried by Foxes. We picked one each and would have to guess what it was – harder than it looked but there was some amazing smells which combined with the fresh candy created this amazing aroma around the room (and out of the door as you left). Later that evening we also met Hannah from Hannah’s Happy – the start of a beautiful friendship, which made me so glad I went.

This event showcased what Spun’s masterclasses are all about; an opportunity to spend time with friends, colleagues or family. From candy creations, to sharing the love with hearts and roses (candy shaped of course!) Spun Candy know how to make a technical skill fun. Designed to be educational and fun, their masterclasses are a must. Whether it’s for the office Christmas party or a family fun day out then these are worth doing. Spun Candy is also available to purchase, from personalised wedding favours to a gift for stocking, there are endless options in various locations or online.