Terrific Toffee T2 Review

There is something about a Wednesday at about 8pm that makes you have a sweet craving. Could that be my new found obsession, the Great British Bake Off, creating the ultimate cravings? Now whilst I only recently found my love and appreciation for baking this programme has left my sweet tooth giving me a kicking. Luckily I have a love for tea and I tell you what T2 have a fantastic selection of teas which will have you calming that craving down.

I’ve reviewed the fabulous Black Forest Bliss tea before but today I am giving you my thoughts on the Terrific Toffee. Well let’s start by saying the clue is in the name – this tea is TERRIFIC! This is one of the best accompaniments to the GBBO. As the tension of the final looming around the corner, know that you can be cuddled on the sofa with this delicious brew.

This tea reminds me of the Quality Street toffee pennies or a sticky toffee pudding – what else could you ask for? This is pure divine combination of black tea with the pleasure of a creamy and dreamy toffee treat. If you are looking for a tea to replace the desire of cake this is for you. On the other hand if you want a tea to accompany an afternoon tea, this is also for you. All in all, the perfect tea for anyone with a sweet tooth.