TooTooMoo Review | Islington

There is nothing better than good food and good company and that is what I did one Monday night. TooTooMoo is the best little discovery of Islington so far, decorated with colourful furniture, quirky details and mocktails.

This was one of the best mocktails I’ve ever had with orange, pineapple, cranberry, grenadine and soda-water the Cinderella is a perfect accompaniment to whatever dish you choose.

I started with my favourite Wan Ton Soup and as an avid fan of this dish I had high standards. TooTooMoo did not disappoint. It was clean, light and refreshing whilst having the perfect density with the wan tons.

The one brilliant thing about TooTooMoo was the tapas style. It didn’t matter what you had or how much there was no rules. From Chicken Gyoza to Tiger Prawn Tempura and Salmon salad, we had whole host of delicious taste explosions. Being that I am a self confessed pasta lover it would not come as a surprise that Pad Thai was on our table.

My favourite dish was the Duck salad with cashew, watermelon and hoisin. The sweetness of the hoisin jarred perfectly with the juiciness of watermelon and then crunch of the cashew. Every mouthful left me wanting more.


I always struggle with finding decent Asian places in London but this is up there with one of the best ones I’ve found so far and thank you to Cake + Whisky for suggesting TooTooMoo. I would highly recommend this place for dinner, or if you live within Deliveroo distance why not have it at home!