The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Fit For Friday

You can stop the countdown, it is Friday and thank goodness! But do you not find that reaching that final destination at the end of the weekend brings a new dilemma – am I going out after work? Whether it is the pub with colleagues or cocktails with the girls, you want to make sure you are dressed fit for the Friday occasion. I’ve teamed up with T.M.Lewin to show you how I would take an outfit from day to night.

T.M.Lewin was founded in 1898 by Thomas Mayes Lewin, who produced shirts and accessories with a history of innovation. The founder became on of the first to make the shirts that we know today, with buttons down the front (can’t imagine it without them). Nowadays they are making and designing a multitude of styles and ranges for both men and women.


Shop the look: Top, T.M.Lewin | Trousers, T.M.Lewin | Rio Rio Lipstick, Topshop | Black Courts, Asos

The suit style trouser is making such a comeback this year but the skinny pant is still staying strong for versatility. If you are lucky enough to work in a ‘dress down Friday’ office this top could easily be teamed with some black skinny jeans and heels but if not just swap the jeans out for the skinny pant. No need to get changed just add the best accessory in a girls handbag, your favourite lipstick. Perfect. My current favourite Soap and Glory in the shade ‘Barely Pinking’ and would be a great neutral to set off this classic simple outfit. Or go daring with an orangey-red tone.


Shop the look: Shirt, T.M.Lewin | Chinos, T.M.Lewin | Shoes, T.M.Lewin | Jumper, T.M.Lewin

Now you might think that it is easier for guys to succeed in dressing for fit for Friday but it might not be the case. What you need is T.M.Lewin’s tailoring help. This outfit showcases the more casual yet still remaining sophisticated – something one of my favourite male internet sensations, Jim Chapman manages to do so effortlessly. I’ve added a jumper into the mix, because it’s getting chilly and it works better than a blazer would.

Where will your fit for Friday wardrobe take you?