Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Potter

Well well well, Eddie Redmayne how you have captured my heart back into the world of magic. For me, Harry Potter and the world of wizardry and magic was there when I was growing up, ready to whisk you away to another place. My favourite book has always been Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone, mainly for the first few chapters. It just sets my heart alight with delight and enjoyment. Not many books can do that. With Newt Scamander transporting us straight back to the world of magic (but this time with added fantastic beasts), I felt that it was only fitting to kick off the festive season with a Christmas gift for Harry Potter fans.

Art Print or Poster for your house

We all have our house, whether it be a personal favourite or picked by the sorting hat, why not get a art print or poster of the house of choice. Hathiink on Esty has some beautiful designs for each of the Hogwarts houses, perfect for any Harry Potter fan out there.

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Marauders Map mug

I read that the cheeky devil Newt Scamander might of in fact appeared in one of the Harry Potter movies, by name at least via the Marauders Map! There is never a good enough or compelling reason that a mug is not a good gift for someone, especially if they are a hot drink kind of person. Combine that with Harry Potter and what do you get? A colour changing, heat sensitive Marauders Map mug.

Doormat and lightswitch

Not the most conventional of presents but with the power of creativity and the internet you can really think outside of the box with present ideas. Meet the Alohomora doormat, perfect for making any Harry Potter feel at home, whilst lighting up the room with a ‘Lumos Lox’ light switch sticker.


Image sourced from Prezzybox

Colouring Book

For kids, for adults (of all ages) colouring has become cool again. I love colouring books, especially for relaxing, so when you mention the combination of colouring and Harry Potter – who is to say no? Packed with stunning pieces of artwork from the Warner Bros. archive, this colouring book gives fans the chance to colour in the vivid settings and beloved characters of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world.


Experience the magic at the WB Studios

The Making of Harry Potter at the WB Studios London is all dressed up for Christmas, offering the ultimate opportunity to enjoy unforgettable festive experiences at the studios where all eight Harry Potter films were produced. Visit Diagon Alley, Ride a Broomstick and even get the chance to taste Butter Beer – let your imagination come to life in this wonderful experience and day out for all the family!